More independent websites censored. Watch for new pandemic scare, says David MacPhail

Thursday, 06 May 2010

Fear, shock and the censorship of the independent media will be the key to any successful new mass vaccination campaign by WHO and pharamceutical companies, argues David MacPhail:

“The Medical Veritas web site went down recently and today Mike Adams has reported that within hours after his video interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs went live, YouTube censored it, claiming it “violated” their terms of use. Clearly there are powerful forces at work.

I fear that Jean-Jacques warning that another mass vaccination campaign is imminent and will come on very suddenly with little or no warning is prescient. While there may be different views as to why mass vaccination is being aggressively pushed it seems to be an important component of global control.“

[WHO and the pharmaceutical companies appear to be using their review of the failed swine flu vaccination campaign for no other purpose than] to identiy and assess camps of opposition and the methods by which the campaign was opposed which was mostly through the internet.

In view of recent events with yours and several other web sites it is probable that in the wave of swine/bird flu that is coming one of the first things that will happen is that sites like The Flu Case will be attacked and disabled.

The main reason the H1N1 campaign failed was because it did not develop sufficient fear to gain compliance of the majority. Had the batch of [seasonal flu] vaccine [contaminated by the bird flu virus in February 2009 by Baxter] not been exposed by [the independent media and internet]the outcome could have been much different.

In order to gain voluntary compliance as well as gain support for enforced vaccination the next viral campaign will have to initially and very quickly claim a lot of victims and in a brutal manner so that the media can run graphic images of people coughing up blood and dying within hours of becoming infected.

I also fear that those who resist being vaccinated can and will be labeled ‘terrorists’ and will either disappear or be vaccinated by force. Under so-called anti terror provisions in force in Canada one can be jailed without being charged just for being suspected of being a terrorist. Already in the failed H1N1 vaccination campaign resisters were being labeled as a liability and danger to the remainder of society based on claims that they were negatively impacting herd immunity. In a situation where a lethal virus is spreading rapidly it will be easy to label vaccination hold outs as terrorists much in the same manner in which those infected with AIDS are being portrayed as killers when they infect others. It is also probable that holdouts will reveal themselves as activists and will be targeted.”〈=en

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