12 events that will lead to NWO

I posted this in my facebook “Notes” back in January. Can’t remember the source from which I got this.

Can you recognize some of these things now?

A dozen global events to watch out for that indicate a transition to world government.

1. Financial Collapse – Banks

2. Economic Collapse – Production

3. Social Upheavals – Social and Civil War – Militarization of the world government.

4. Pandemics – Mandatory Vaccination

5. Environmental – Global Warming

6. Terrorism – Major Attack in US or elsewhere

7. War in the Middle East – drags the world’s nations into war

8. A Nuclear Accident – Like Chernobyl in the USA  ( Oil Spill???)

9. Assassination of key public figure

10. Beat up rogue states – make an example of states that do not comply with world government

11. A staged luminous religions event – New Age – Ecumenical – World Religion – Possible Staged Messiah

12. Possible staged landing of Extraterrestrials – justification for one world government


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