Barack Obama’s top intelligence official to resign

“He was in a position that was largely powerless.
He had little control over what was happening but got the blame when things went wrong.”
That just about says it all… Fancy job titles or not, “someone” else has the control.  The job titles is just to give the public the illusion that the government is working for us; that the appointed person actually does what he’s titled to do.  Illusion!  Pretty much all government positions are the same, maybe even including Obama’s…

Barack Obama’s top intelligence official is resigning following high profile attempted terrorist attacks on the US.

By Philip Sherwell in New York
Published: 11:29PM BST 20 May 2010

Dennis Blair, director of national intelligence, has came under fire over his department’s handling of the botched Christmas Day airline bombing attempt and also lost turf battles with CIA director Leon Panetta.

The retired general, who was appointed by Mr Obama as the third director of national intelligence, quit after he was not asked to join an important intelligence mission to Pakistan alongside James Jones, the national security adviser, and Mr Panetta.

In a statement Mr Blair said: “It is with deep regret that I informed the president today that I will step down as Director of National Intelligence effective Friday, May 28th.

“I have had no greater honour or pleasure than to lead the remarkably talented and patriotic men and women of the Intelligence Community.

“Every day, you have worked tirelessly to provide intelligence support for two wars and to prevent an attack on our homeland.

“You are true heroes, just like the members of the Armed Forces, firefighters, and police whose job it is to keep our nation safe.

“Your work over the past 16 months has made the Intelligence Community more integrated, agile, and representative of American values.”

His position was created following the Sept 11 2001 terror attacks in an effort to improve co-ordination between the country’s 16 intelligence agencies after a series of failures in their work were identified.

But the oversights that allowed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board a plane to Detroit and attempt to detonate explosives hidden in his explosives on Dec 25 prompted sharp criticisms of his department for failing to “join the dots”.

His department’s work was back under the spotlight following the recent Times Square bombing attempt.

And the White House sided with Mr Panetta when the two men clashed, notably over the appointment of CIA station chiefs around the world.

“I’m not surprised he’s quit,” Col Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to then secretary of state Colin Powell, told The Daily Telegraph. “He was in a position that was largely powerless. He had little control over what was happening but got the blame when things went wrong.”


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