Bombshell expose’. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Well, we certainly keep an eye out for the involvement of NALCO.  Funny how CEO’s in the Oil industry, and other money mogels have sold shares to BP oil prior to the oil spill and bought other companies or shares into companies that CLEAN the waters of oil and other components….

by Joanne Mor

Original post:

As you know, the Deep Water Horizon has exploded in the Gulf of
Mexico. It has been spewing oil from a ruptured well pipe for over a
BP and the US Government has said they are trying everything possible
to stop that multi-million gallon oil from continuing to flow into the
I am about to dispute that claim and offer an expose’ as to why that
story about them doing everything possible is a lie and a profitable
enterprise to those who would make money from this disaster.
The Top Kill method was started and suspended several times. It was
being attempted only half halfheartedly. The reason is, there is no money
to be made with a solution that simple.
The real money is in the use of dispersant s.
There is a company called NALCO. They make water purification systems
and chemical dispersants.
NALCO is based in Chicago with subsidiaries in Brazil, Russia, India,
China and Indonesia.
NALCO is associated with UChicago Argonne program. UChicago Argonne
received $164 million dollars in stimulus funds this past year.
UChicago Argonne just added two new executives to their roster. One
from NALCO. The other from the Ill. Dept of Education.
If you dig a little deeper you will find NALCO is also associated with
Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Soros, Apollo, Blackstone,
Goldman Sachs, Hathaway Berkshire.
Warren Buffet /Hathaway Berkshire increased their holdings in NALCO
just last November. (Timing is everything).
The dispersant chemical is known as Corexit. What it does is hold the
oil below the water’s surface. It is supposed to break up the spill
into smaller pools. It is toxic and banned in Europe.
NALCO says they are using older and newer versions of Corexit in the
Gulf.. (Why would you need a newer version, if the old one was fine?)
There is big money and even bigger players in this scam. While they
are letting the oil blow wide open into the Gulf, the stakes and
profit rise.
The Dolphins, Whales, Manatees, Sea Turtles and fish suffocate and
die. The coastal regions, salt marshes, tourist attractions and the
shore front properties are being destroyed, possibly permanently.The
air quality is diminished. The Gulf of Mexico fishing industry is
All to create a need for their expensive and extremely profitable poison.
Some friends and I have compiled extensive articles and reports to
support this claim.
Thank you:
Sir_Templar. He brought this to our attention and hs supplied links
and articles.
Sponge docks. She tirelessly searched through mountains of information
& supplied valuable links & resources..
Bobbi85710 She has contributed links articles and uncovered the Stimulus funds.
The Research:
‘This is NALCO:
Goldman Sachs was part of a three-pronged group that purchased NALCO:
Buffett’s Bet On Water, NALCO (NLC is trade code):…icleid/3095068
‘Blackstone, Apollo and Goldman Sachs to acquire Ondeo NALCO’ (COREXIT 9500):
The Milken Institute – Leon Black of Apollo Management LLC (i.e.
BP plc, Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs, NALCO Holding Co., Halliburton Co:
The Chicago, NALCO, Arab, Blago, Rezko Connection:×31
Obama’s Economic Adviser Buffet,= Berkshire Hathaway Inc – NALCO Holding Co:
NALCO and the China Connection:
‘NALCO eyes doubling of sales in China:
Berkshire the second-largest shareholder in NALCO:
Company Profile ‘NALCO Holding Co:

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