'Flu Shot May Prevent Heart Attack' (Will Also Grant You Immortality and Make You Rich)

LOL , Love the addition to the title by David Icke..

Please people, if you are going to believe that the flu shot prevents heart attacks, you REALLY need to do some research! lol And you need a wake-up call…

Sunday, 26 September 2010 10:03

‘Getting a seasonal flu shot may not only prevent influenza — it may also stop some people from having a heart attack, new research suggests. In a study of almost 79,000 patients at 379 family practices in England and Wales, researchers found annual flu vaccinations were associated with a significant drop in the rate of a first heart attack.

“Flu vaccination is obviously given to prevent flu and complications of flu where you may need hospitalization,” said lead author Dr. Niroshan Siriwardena, a family practitioner and a researcher at the University of Lincoln. “But now the finding suggests there’s an additional benefit in terms of reduction of heart attack,” he said Monday from Lincoln, England.’

Read more: ‘Flu Shot May Prevent Heart Attack’ (Will Also Grant You Immortality and Make You Rich)


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