Real Food Tyranny is Threatening Us All: Let the Revolution Begin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 by: Paul Fassa


Just when we thought the House Resolution 875 (HR 875) of 2009 might fade into obscurity, along comes a Senate version of the same type of food tyranny disguised as `Food Safety Bills`, S510 of 2010. Both could be passed in the next very few months to deliver a fatal one-two punch to any sense of food choice freedom.

Both of these bills are sponsored by congressmen and senators bought by Big Agribusiness, including the GMO factions and Big Dairy. And both of these bills will be voted on soon. The real intention behind these bills is to get rid of real food produced ethically and wisely while forcing the population into consuming only dead foods that are toxic!

Losing Health Freedom with Eyes Wide Shut

Most Europeans and Canadians were surprised and shocked by articles that communicated the current supplement polices now implemented in their areas. These draconian measures threaten the health of many, and they were installed without consent or public knowledge. It helps that the Medical Mafia controls the media, and it helps that many were assuming it couldn`t happen there. But it has.

Now a similar monster is creeping toward our food, which has been considered by the wise for centuries as our first medicine. Corrupted toxic foods create bad health, and restricted supplements will force those with bad health to go into Obama-Care and be forced to use toxicdrugs and vaccinations. It doesn`t get much worse than this, and these health freedom issues are far more important for the near future of humanity than the issues that are getting press these days.

The Battle Ground

The current hot zone is raw dairy products. A few months ago, a guns drawn raid on a Venice Beach (Los Angeles County) co-op was video taped and publicized in the LA Times as well as all over the Internet. The cops found what they were looking for, a stash of raw milk! Similar raids have occurred in other states over the past few months.

Big Dairy creates milk so toxic that it has to be pasteurized, and that kills whatever nutrients are naturally a part of milk. Maybe you`re a vegan and it doesn`t matter to you. But the current battle zone is not the whole war. Our whole food supply is under attack; soon to leave us with no options for wholesome nutritious food.

The current egg salmonella crisis was created by terrible factory poultry farming conditions with most chickens vaccinated for salmonella. Instead of improving farming conditions, the solution of choice is more vaccinations!

Do you know that Monsanto`s chief lobbyist Michael Taylor has been selected by Obama as the administration`s Food Safety Czar to enforce these so called food safety bills? And otherMonsanto connected executives are being posted in key USDA positions. Adding the current Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen, who is also Frankenfood friendly with Monsanto, creates a solid network for total food fascism soon.

What Then Must We Do?

The sad truth is that most people are content with their toxic foods and medical poisons! These proposed measures can make it impossible to grow your own food individually or network with others who do. Those of us who are knowledgeable and concerned need to find a way to stop or water down these measures.

Don`t assume it can`t happen here in the USA. Please use the links in the sources section below to find your best way of protesting these measures or of supporting small farmers like the one who publicly throws down the gauntlet in this video:…

Sources of information for you to find a way:

Congress Member Finder for Petition/Letter Against `Food Safety` Bills…

Farm Wars: Dad Arrested for Sharing Food with His Neighbor; This Could Be a Real Headline if S510 Passes by Wally Paul

The War on Food: Eggsactly What is Going on Here? By Mac Slavo…

Federal Food Police Coming Soon to a Farm Near You…

Another Monsanto Man in a Key USDA Post? by Tom Philpott…

About the author

Paul Fassa has managed to survive the Standard American Diet (SAD) and his youthful folly by deprogramming gradually from mainstream health ideology and studying holistic health matters informally with his wife while incorporating them into his lifestyle as a vegetarian.
He also practices Chi-Lel Chi Gong, and he is trained as a polarity therapy practitioner. He is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a better direction for health. You can visit his blog at



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