What You Dont Know Will Definitely Kill You (No Justice, No Peace)

The real news about what really goes on in the M. East.

Do you know what really happens in M. East? Well you should try and seek to understand what goes on outside the US because half the time you are funding the wars and genocides going on around the world without ever really knowing how you contribute to this darkness.

Ask yourself this qn, when these soldiers are so desensitized (as evidenced by them throwing a puppy, raping a child, using depleted uranium to cause cancer and other unbelievable acts etc), when they finally come back home (US) all psychologically messed up and empty inside… there is a possibility that they can never get rid of all that ugliness. Dont you think that they will end up attacking their their own because they are now blood thirsty in a twisted sort of way??

I mean why on earth did they attack a female African American who was a fellow soldier? After killing so many innocent people, this kind of thing messes someone inside in a deep and dark sort of way and then they start to reason from a very messed up place.

This already happened several weeks ago when soldiers who had returned from the M. East went all psycho and killed their wives in a murder- suicide act.


I actually sympathize with the US soldiers because all they do is follow orders, they never question these orders but end up causing so much horror and darkness only to get lost in that darkness themselves. That kind of thing marks you for life 😦

REMEMBER: YOUR SILENCE IS CONSENT… it really is. So many people (women and children are dying horrific deaths because we are all silent and pay taxes that enable the wars to go on for years… just think about it).

Always keep in mind that war is BUSINESS, both sides of war usually funded by the same person/people. There is no honor in blowing up poor people who pose you no harm. Those who invade other countries are just pawns used in an elaborate game of chess.

“Unless we recognise that each individual is irrepeatable and valuable by virtue of simply being conceived human, we cannot begin to talk about human rights. This includes the right to be born, as all of us have enjoyed. True justice should be for each human being, visible and invisible, young and old, disabled and able, to enjoy fully their right to life. The accidental attributes that we acquire such as color, sex, intelligence, economic circumstances, physical or mental disability should not be used as an excuse to deprive a person of life.” ~By Margaret Ogola (African Author)

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