Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

What do I think?  Biological warfare.

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There has been much debate about the pending FDA approval of genetically modified salmon that grows to maturity twice as fast as a natural salmon.  Its many detractors have labeled it “Frankenfish” and say it will spoil the natural marine environment, as well as being potentially harmful for human consumption. While that debate continues, it looks like another genetically modified live organism may be approved for release into the ecosystem: GM mosquitoes.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced plans to combat Dengue fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses with genetically modified mosquitoes designed to make them sterile or simply kill them off, as reported on the U.N news service IRIN:

Scientists fighting mosquito-borne diseases are racing to obtain approval to release genetically modified insects designed to stop the spread of dengue, a potentially fatal virus.

However, such moves have made environmentalists nervous as a science long used in agriculture is applied to public health.

These mosquitoes are engineered with an extra gene or inserted bacterium or have had a gene altered so that either their offspring are sterile and unable to spread dengue, or simply die.

“People generally do not like the unknown and are alarmist. Because there has never been a [field] release of GM [genetically modified] mosquitoes, critics are free to imagine what can possibly go wrong,” said UK-based entomologist and professor at Imperial College London, John Mumford.

He is also the principal investigator for the World Health Organization (WHO)-funded regulatory group, Mosqguide, founded to develop best practices for deploying genetically modified mosquitoes to fight mosquito-borne diseases, primarily dengue and malaria.

For half a century, scientists have released billions of engineered insects – for example, fruit flies – to save plants, but to date there has not been a field release of insects engineered to save humans.

The Malaysia-headquartered NGO Pesticide Action Network-Asia and the Pacific opposed a since-granted request to release modified mosquitoes on the grounds that “it may have environmental or health consequences as well as carry risks arising from horizontal gene transfer”, wrote executive director, Sarojeni V. Rengam, who stressed the “possibility of new health risks to humans and animals….the insect may become more virulent, aggressive, or its bite might have different effects on the host.”

The most shocking section of this release is that for the last 50 years scientists have releasedbillions of engineered insects into the ecosystem.  There has been very little public debate about whether we should be meddling with nature by introducing billions of new organisms.  It’s understandable in regards to mosquitoes, as most people find them to be a nuisance if not a health menace; therefore, despite a lack of knowledge, most people will read this and say “good, get rid of them.”

It seems that if scientists have been able to successfully modify insects genetically for the past half-decade, then at least some of those species were originally designed to be a disease-carrying weapon.  In fact, many have reported that recent dengue outbreaks can be directly traced to U.S. Army experiments coordinated by the CIA.  In most cases of government funding for scientific research, there is usually a military origin.  The technology is even being used as another manufactured terrorist threat.

The U.N. proudly reports:

Australian researchers from the University of Queensland, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have received regulatory approval to begin in December to release mosquitoes infected with a bacterium that prevents the dengue virus from multiplying, as has the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Given the absolute certainty that global organizations such as the World Health Organization are utterly corrupt with their phony pandemics indicating elite alliances and lack of true concern for human health, it is time that we all become skeptics regarding their efforts.  And when proveneugenicists like Bill Gates are involved in the funding of such technology, it should be clear by now to oppose such meddling with nature in order to help “save” humans.



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4 Responses to “Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue”

  1. mmm, I wonder exactly where do you live?, do you live in a tropical climate, or in some nice ‘isolated’ splendour with air-conditioning, sterile concrete. I live in tropical North Queensland, Australia exactly in the ‘Dengue Belt’, our local hospitals have received many dengue cases over the last few years, our children ‘play’ surrounded by tropical rainforests, beautiful creeks, the beaches of the Coral Sea, which is where ‘we’ want them to be, not in sterile concrete cities. But alas, part of global warming is seeing the extension of the dengue mosquitio breeding areas further southwards. I guess you’ve never actually been in a hospital and witnesses someone infected with Dengue, or perhaps if it was your child playing freely in nature, now at risk because of the rest of the planets obssesion with pumping out Greenhouse gases, your concerns would be more immediate. Enjoy your First world sanctimonious eugeneist fantasies. I guess you also oppose vaccinations, which is a shame, then perhaps your opinions would be irrelevent as you probably would have died before the age 5 like 4/5ths of the worlds children. At least some medical scientists are prepared to ‘have a go’. what have you done to improve the position of humanity as a whole apart from belch Co2 and sit on the sidelines finding easy targets.
    If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Who did you save today?

  2. How is this sustainable? Mass release of sterile males was a success in screw worm control in the southwestern US but this involves producing billions of males, irradiating them and releasing them over a wide area at regular intervals. Females only mate once so provided the chances of meeting a sterile rather than a fertile male are high, this is a technique that will work. But producing and releasing billions of male mosquitoes on a regular basis? Sorry, I’m sceptical and I don’t think it’s a sustainable solution. And yes, I’m well aware of the consequences of dengue – several members of my family in Colombia have had it although I’ve avoided it so far. Get people in dengue areas involved in control – not just molecular biologists. Oh, and dengue is an urban disease not one of tropical forests, beaches or beautiful creeks.

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