How the Food Safety Modernization Act will destroy American jobs, farms and local foods

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

How will the new Food Safety Modernization Act actually impact small, local farmers who grow food for CSA‘s, local restaurants and grocers? To find out, I took a road trip to Texas and interviewed several small, local farmers to ask them, face to face, how the S.510 Food Safety Modernization Act would impact them.

I spoke toFarmer Bradfrom and captured the conversation on video. You can watch it here:…

Here’s a quick excerpt from our conversation about S.510 and the small farm exemption in the Tester Amendment:

Farmer Brad:To me, that’s so un-American to say hey, you’re going to stay in this box, and you can never grow yourbusinessbigger than that. $500,000 [in revenue] is your cap.

Health Ranger:It’s destroying farming jobs.

Farmer Brad:It has made us start to totally re-look at our business plans and how we’re going to sell ourfood. We’re no longer going to sell wholesale, no longer going to sell to chefs orrestaurants, it’s consumer direct only.

Health Ranger:So you’re actually pulling back from some of your expansion plans?

Farmer Brad:We are. We have actually, this last year as we’ve been watching this happen, we’ve been putting plans on hold, and pulling back our business… so again, that’s how this is going to affect thelocal foodsystem.

Health Ranger:Right.

Farmer Brad:Becausewe don’t want to get too successful.

Watch the complete interview here:…

If you ever wonder who is destroying America’s economy…

The answer, of course, is the U.S.Congress. By slapping onerous new paperwork and reporting requirements onsmallfarmers(who aren’t even the source of the food problem to begin with), the U.S. Congress is forcing farmers out of business and causing agriculture jobs to be shifted to Mexico and elsewhere.

When you hear American farmers saying they are going to “scale back” their businesses because they “don’t want to get too successful” (to fall under the authority of expandedFDAtyranny over the food supply), you knowthe country is headed for economic disaster.

America was once founded on ideas of opportunity and thathard work is supposed to pay off. People who invest in their small businesses and grow them should be rewarded, not punished. But now, thanks to the U.S. Congress and theFood Safety Modernization Act, small farmers who find even a little bit of success selling food (because selling $500,000 worth of food is still a very small scale operation, and the actual profit on that might only be $50,000 for a full year of work) are about to find themselvespunishedfor being successful.

So much for free enterprise inAmerica. So much for localfood production. Watch for foodpricesto skyrocket in the coming years, and watch asAmerica’s localfood securitycollapsesunder the iron fist ofthe FDAdriving small farmers out of business.

But that’s what the empire wants, of course: Complete control over food production so that people are forced to buy their food from the sources Big Government tells them to. Those monopolistic sources are, of course, the powerful, centralized mega-corporations plantingGMOcrops and spraying them with chemical pesticides. Thanks to the FSMA, we are now living under a bona-fide system offood fascism.

But don’t take my word for it: Ask the farmers yourself! That’s what I’ve been doing, and their answers reveal a disturbing truth: America’s food security is headed South.

Watch my interview with Farmer Brad here:…

And it might be a good idea to start buying some heirloom seeds while you still can, by the way. Before long, localfood pricesare going to skyrocket, and you’ll need to grow some portion of your own diet. That is, unless you want to eat mega-corporate “food” sprayed with Roundup and containing transgenic “biotechnology” approved by the FDA.

I bet that makes you hungry just thinking about it. GMO corn, anyone?

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