UK blames healthy people for causing flu vaccine shortage

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of


After months of hyping up the flu scare across the UK, the mad rush of citizens seeking to buy the vaccine has caused a severe shortage. UK hospitals and clinics have run out of the vaccine, and now a prominent doctor from the Royal College of GPs has publicly urged UK authorities to outlaw the purchasing of vaccines by ‘healthy people’ because they don’t really need the vaccine anyway.

Yep. Seriously. As reported byThe Telegraph, ‘Dr Gerada said that allowing those who could afford it to buy the jab had upset the ‘delicate balance’ of availability and contributed to shortages, leading to general concern about who should and should not have the vaccine.’

So let me get this straight. As long as the vaccine supply was widely available (lots of shots to sell!), the big flu scare was being used to geteverybodyto buy as many vaccines as possible: Healthy people, pregnant women, children, senior citizens, you name it. But now, as supplies have run out preciselybecause of the scare mongering pushed by the vaccine industry, they admit thathealthy people really don’t need the vaccine anyway!

So what about all those healthy people who already followed orders and enriched Big Pharma by getting the flu shot even though they didn’t really need it? Now they’re actually beingblamedfor the vaccine shortage!

As reported inThe Telegraph, ‘Dr Gerada said healthy individuals who had paid to have the jab on a private patient basis at pharmacies shared some of the blame for the shortages.’

Vaccine industry blames people who buy vaccines

Squeeze yourself to stop the laughter, folks, because it doesn’t get any funnier than this. The vaccine industry — whichcreatedthe vaccine shortage by floating scare stories about the flu — is now blaminghealthy people who bought the vaccinefor ‘causing the shortage!’

But of course, if youdon’tbuy the vaccine shot, then you’re derided as ‘a danger to public health’ because you haven’t been immunized. So you run out to buy the shot in order to comply with all the flu shot propaganda being pushed out by the industry. Then you get blamed for causing the vaccine shortage by the same nincompoops who told you to go buy the shot in the first place!

So now — get this — these vaccine experts are actually pushing tocreate a law that would criminalize healthy people buying flu vaccines!So the very act that you were urged to do six months ago (go out and buy a vaccine shot) will now turn you into a criminal!

Folks, it doesn’t get any more hilarious than this. The vaccine industry is just tripping over its own lies and contradictions, worse than a stuttering Senator caught with another man’s hands down his pants in a public restroom.

This law criminalizing vaccine purchases, of course, will only last as long as the vaccines are in short supply. As soon as there’s a plentiful supply back in stock, guess what? The law will be repealed and they’ll return to their ‘everybody go get a flu shot’ insanity that caused this mess in the first place.

Stop buying vaccines, for God’s sake!

For the moment, however, the message from UK health authorities is very clear:Don’t get vaccinated!Also fromThe Telegraph:

Tricia Cresswell, the deputy medical director at NHS North East, asked those not at risk to stop trying to obtain the vaccine. ‘We would urge the worried well — those who are not at risk —not to contact their GP or pharmacy. There are others who need the vaccine more than they do.’

So if you’re in the ‘worried well’ group — meaning that you’re healthy but just ‘afraid’ of the flu — thenyou don’t need a flu shot!

It’s astonishing that they finally publicly admit all this, right out in the open. It’s what I’ve been saying all along, of course: A healthy person, armed with vitamin D and other nutrients, can stave off exposure to influenza using the power of their own immune system. They don’t need flu shots!

But the flu pimps have been pushing ‘flu shots for everyone!’ regardless of health status. That was being done to sell more flu vaccines, of course. It never had anything to do with actual medical science, because as you can see right now, that quack science falls apart as soon as they run out of vaccines.

It’s fascinating thatall it took was one vaccine shortage for the truth to come out: Healthy people don’t need vaccines, even according to the vaccine experts!

I would also argue that even unhealthy people don’t need vaccines, either. What they need isnutritionfrom real foods, superfoods and nutritional supplements. Because beating the flu only requires theactivation of the human immune system. And that requires real nutrition.

So the question for everybody in the UK today is this: Should you do what you were told six months ago, or should you do what you’re being told today? I suppose for those people who actually follow government orders, it may be quite bewildering to figure out what marching orders you’re supposed to follow on any particular day, given how often government demands are nonsensical and contradictory.

It’s so much easier to justthink for yourself.

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