FDA outlawing injectable vitamin C to further destroy health of Americans

Thursday, January 06, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com


Not content to kill 100,000 Americans each year with deadly Big Pharma drugs while censoring the truth about the healing effects of herbs, nutritional supplements and natural medicines, the FDA has now set out todeny Americans access to yet another lifesaving medicineknown simply as vitamin C.

As reported by theAlliance for Natural Health, the FDA has notified a manufacturer of injectable vitamin C that it will becriminally prosecutedif it continues to manufacture this lifesaving nutritional therapy. (http://www.anh-usa.org/action-alert…)

Why injectablevitamin Csaves lives

In an age where tens of millions of Americans are already vitamin C deficient and suffer from colds and other infections that can be prevented withvitamins, the FDA appears to be acting on what can only be calleda death wishfor theAmerican people. But really, it’s more likely a targeted attack at thealternativecancerindustrythat frequently uses injectable vitamin C to helppatientseliminate cancer tumors and heal from various cancers.

If there’s one thing that thehealthauthorities in the United States absolutely cannot tolerate, it’snatural curesfor cancer. That’s why (nearly) all thenaturalcancer treatment clinics have been chased out of the country, leaving only toxic chemotherapy centers (poison clinics) in their place. And that’s probably whythe FDAis going after vitamin C right now as well. Take away enough naturalcuresand the people will beforcedinto accepting conventionalmedicine, regardless of whether it works or not.

Injectable vitamin C has many other uses besides cancer, too. As the ANH reports, “Thegovernment, instead of banning intravenous vitamin C, should instead be supporting research into it. Even though IV C is being used in burn units around the world, including in the US, and has been adopted by the military for this purpose, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) refuses to fund anystudiesusing intravenous C in patients. There are privately funded studies currently underway, but of course these cannot continue if theFDAbans the substance.”

Take action now to protect your access to vitamin C

Please take a moment to take action with both of the following petitions:

TheAlliance for Natural Healthhas posted an online action item that sends a letter to Dr Margaret Hamburg, the commissioner of the FDA:

TheNatural Solutions Foundationhas also posted an action item, this one going out to various FDA and government officials:

Of course, sending these letters to FDAbureaucratsassumes that they give a damn about human health in the first place, and after observing the FDA’s behavior over the last several years, I can confidently state that the FDA’s own actions betray its real agenda: Toprotect the profits of thedrugcompaniesby eliminating competing products such as vitamin C.

As Dr Rima Laibow says about this issue, “When injectible Vitamin C goes, the rest will soon go, and the natural Docs WILL be criminalized a la the infamous Flexner report. Codex standards effectively criminalize accurate speech onnutrition. This IS the other shoe; I do not believe we are being alarmist.”

The rise of tyranny

The larger issue here, however, is not this isolated decision by the FDA but rather the question:Why do unelected regulatory bureaucrats have suchpowerin the first place?

While we may electlawmakersin America today, those lawmakers have long since delegated the real “laws of the land” to bureaucratic agencies like the FDA which are run byunelected politicianswho simply write their own laws and regulations without the approval ofCongress. This situation is described by attorney Jonathan Emord asThe Rise of Tyranny, which also happens to be the name of his book on the topic (http://www.amazon.com/Rise-Tyranny-…)

This book, which I consider a “must read” on the subject of healthfreedom, explains how the delegation of powers to rogue federal agencies (FDA,DEA, DHS, TSA, etc.) results in the nation being ruled by tyrannical bureaucrats who operateoutside the authority of Congress. Under this power structure, for example, the FDA could simply announce one day that “all vitamins are illegal,” without Congressional approval and without any new laws being debated or signed into law. The delegation of powers to agencies like the FDA is thegranting of dictatorial police state powersover entire sectors of our society.

The FCC, for example, may simply decide to seize control over the internet at any time. TheTSAcould simply announce it’s going to performbodycavity searches on all air travelers starting this Saturday. The DEA could announce it’s going to arrest operators of websites that evendiscussmarijuana. The FDA, likewise, could announce that “all herbalists are criminals” and proceed to have them all arrested.

Think this couldn’t happen? It’s happening right now, one step at a time. Last year it was cherries and walnuts (http://www.naturalnews.com/029698_c…). Today it’s injectable vitamin C. Tomorrow it could be all vitamin D supplements, or raw cacao, or medicinalherbs. The point is thatthe FDA could take away our access to supplements virtually overnightwith no debate, no scientific scrutiny, and no Congressional oversight. The FDA is, itself, a tyrannical police state branch of the federal government that is now proceeding to take away Americans’ access to lifesaving supplements one by one.

Senator Rand Paul hopes to put a stop to this bureaucratic madness by introducing legislation that would require Congressional approval for such regulatory actions by any federal agency. That would strip the power out of the hands of these rogue agencies and put it back into the hands of lawmakers who are elected. While this may not be a perfect solution (because most lawmakers are still largely just corporate whores, to state it matter-of-factly), it would certainly be an improvement over the current situation whereunelected bureaucratsrule over the American people as if they were dictators.

You know whythe TSAis reaching down your pants? For the same reason the FDA is banning injectable vitamin C — becausethis nation is run by tyrants, not the legislators who are elected by the People. And as long as the tyrants are in charge, freedom can never be fully expressed.

Stop begging the King and just pick up your pitchforks

That’s why opposing the FDA on this decisionby appealing to the FDA itselfis sort of likebegging the King to change his mind. It’s a slave-mentality action. Sure, it may be useful at some level, and that’s why we support these petitions, but let’s not kid ourselves on the fact that this is a slave-mentality appeal to a group of tyrants who act as if they were the King.

The real solution here is not to appeal to the King as peons, but rather to pick up our pitchforks,storm the castle, tie a rope around the neck of the King and hang him from a high castle wall (metaphorically speaking, of course) to send a message to all other would-be tyrants thatmessing with the freedom of the people will have consequences.

The way to accomplish that in our modern world would be toarrest FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg for her crimes against humanity, prosecute her in a fair and open trial, and watch her serve time in prison while firing all the other bureaucrats at the FDA and dismantling the agency. No good can come out of the FDA. It is beyond repair. It is effectively workingagainstthe interests of the American people, making it as dangerous as a foreign enemy organization such as a terrorist group.

With the FDA, we are past the point of being able to negotiate with rational human beings who have ethics and souls. What we are dealing with at the FDA and other agencies are real-lifeincarnations of evilwho are pursuing an agenda to spreaddeathand suffering across our lands while they increase their power and control. And remember, the Congress just put the FDA in charge of the national food supply, too. Oh yippee. I can’t wait to see thembanbroccolibecause broccoli contains anti-cancer medicine, too.

I have a feeling that I will have a very exciting future as a broccoli smuggler. That’s my dream. To be the Han Solo ofvegetables, fighting the Evil Empire with the power of garden vegetables.

Hold on a sec… somebody already did that! You can watch the hilarious video here:http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=D86C3…

The Organic Rebellion is fighting back!

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/030936_vitamin_C_FDA.html#ixzz1B871NaP0


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