Health Ranger’s predictions for 2011 – 2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening

Monday, January 03, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of


(NaturalNews) What’s ahead for 2011 – 2012? This time in human history promises to bring forth more changes than any other similar duration of time known to our civilization. I believe the changes that will occur in the next two years will rock the foundations of our economies, governments and belief systems. In the end, after considerable turmoil, I see a great expansion of human consciousness and a maturing of the human race. Here are the details…

More people growing their own food

Beginning in 2011 and continuing for many years beyond, we will see an explosion in the number of people growing their ownfood. People see the big trends in thefood supplyfast approaching:GMOcontamination of crops, the loss of localfood productiondue to FDA interference, the crackdown on smallfarmers, and even disruptions in the global food supply.

As people realize the importance of having their own home-grown source of food, we will see a surge in backyard gardens, food storage and in-home production methods such as sprouting and food dehydrating.

We will see a strong “back to basics” interest surge leading up to2012, with many people choosing to move out of high-density cities (or even high-density nations) and seek self-reliance in more rural areas.

This will also reveal renewed interest inhome-grownmeatproductionwith more people growing (and eating) their own chickens and cows rather than relying on processed, factory-farmed meats.

Increased awareness ofnatural remediesand health freedom

Thenatural healthcommunity will achieve significant victories over the next two years in awakening people to naturalremedies, medicinal herbs and the core ideas ofhealth freedom. The monopolistic pushers ofpharmaceuticalsare fighting a desperate, losing battle to try to keep people ignorant, but they will lose that fight andnaturalmedicine will ultimately emerge as the healing method of choice for an increasing number of people.

Natural childbirth will continue to gain recognition around the world, and more parents will begin to question the ADHD drugging of their children. Theindustryof psychiatry as we know it today will continue crumbling under the burden of fraud and criminal behavior, finally collapsing well before 2020 thanks to the efforts of a few groups, notably CCHR.

The global shift away from pharmaceuticals and toward disease prevention andnutritionwill accelerate in 2011 – 2012, with vitamin D leading the charge. An increasing number of people will learn about top nutrients such as resveratrol, astaxanthin and omega-3s. Nutrition education will become increasingly evident in public schools, and many school lunch programs will be reworked to remove more processed deadfoodsand increase real nutrition.

Significant victories will be achieved overwater fluoridation,mercury fillingsandGMOs(see below). Thevaccineissue, however, will remain highly contentious. Victory overseasonal fluvaccineswill take many more years…

More people waking up to reality

Today, most people are sleepwalking through their lives, functioning as cogs in a giant machine of which they have no knowledge and no control. Over the next two years, that will significantly change. More and more people will beawakened into a state ofawareness. They will realize that living out their lives working mundane jobs, watching television, eating junk food and taking pharmaceuticals is not fulfilling their true purpose in life, andmany will seek a higher purpose.

An increasing number of people will come to understand that their lives are mere illusion — that they’ve been following programming set out for them by others, and that if they wish to truly achievefreedom(of mind), they must break out of the patterns that have been constructed for them.

As a result, we’re going to see more people rebelling against the status quo while simultaneously expanding their own awareness of the bigger picture — how things work in our world and what their role might be in uplifting our shared reality.

In the short term, this might result in a tremendous amount of strife, but in the end, it will give rise to a true uplifting of consciousness among the people in our world.

Specific upcoming victories in the world of naturalhealth

The People will achieve significant victories over GMOs. I believe that We the People will ultimately win this battle against GMOs inAmerica. As information about thedangersof GMOs continues to spread, people will increasingly demand that GMO foods be labeled. With enough support (perhaps in 2012, but probably later), a law will be passed requiring that GMO foods be labeled as such, and that will spell the beginning of the end of the GMO era in America.

• TheFDAwill, one way or another, be forced to admit thatmercury fillings(“silver fillings”) are dangerous for human health. At the very least, the agency will warn that children and expectant mothers should not be exposed tosilverfillings. If this does not happen, you can expect apopular revolt againstthe FDAand a loud cry for the dissolution of the entire agency.

• The next big public health battle will be overwaterfluoridation, and you can expectNaturalNews, the Fluoride Action Network and many other organizations to turn up the heat on the dangers ofwaterfluoridation. Expect to see thefluoridepushers eventually forced to back down and admit that the fluoride dripped into the municipal water supplies is actually collected as a toxic waste byproduct of the phosphate mining industry. (We are releasing a significant mini-documentary on this topic in the next 30 days.) The reputation of the ADA — which has backedmercuryfillings for decades — is headed into the dumpsters.

• On the issue of freedom and liberty, I predicta surge of interest in Libertarian political philosophyfrom both former Democrats and former Republicans who realize that the path to prosperity and freedom is found inindividual libertyandpersonal responsibility. I see the Tea Party suffering from disillusionment as its own elected members betray its supporters with more taxes andBig Governmentspending. Expect to see Ron Paul and Rand Paul do extraordinarily well in the coming years (as long as they stay on principle), and watch fora groundswell of popular supportfor the once-again-new idea of sensibly limitedgovernment.

• Watch for a rise in theTenth Amendmentmovementin America as an increasing number of Americans fight back against what they see as a dangerous expansion of the power of thefederal government. With the TSA in your pants and the FDA in your greenhouse, there’s no telling what part of your life Big Brother wants to control next. America was founded on the idea oflimited government, and I believe we’ll see a powerful, passionate movement that seeks to bring the federal government back down to its Constitutionally-mandated size (which is a fraction of its current size and scope). The Tenth Amendment, by the way, specifically reserves all rights not specifically granted to the federal government to be held by the States or the People. The Constitution, for the record, never granted the federal government the right to run a health care system, nor to give away the power to coin money to a private banking cartel, nor to inspect your backyard food production operation that you use to produce jams and jellies for the local farmers’ market.

Specific short-termpredictions

• Expect a new Big Government war oninternetfreedom. Mostly due to theWikileaksreleases, governments around the world are going to desperately attempt to policethe internetand clamp down on web-based free speech. This will likely result in an online war between the “empire” (the USA and the UN) and the “rebel alliance” (the internethackerssuch as ‘anonymous’).

• By the end of 2012, I predictsignificant food supply disruptionsin North America, brought about either by radicalweatheraffecting crop yields or perhaps the invasion ofdiseaseindirectly caused by the over-use of pesticides or GMOs. The number of people in America struggling to feed themselves and their families will rise along with foodprices(see next). This will inevitably result in a huge increase incrime(burglaries, thefts) at precisely the same time that cities are laying off local law enforcement officers due to budgetary restrictions.

• Expect to seefood pricesclimb with alarming speed over the next two years. Wheat is already on the rise, and even meat prices will surge up sharply before the end of 2012. While food won’t disappear, it will become significantly more expensive, causing more people to shift to subsidized foods (corn, sugar, etc.) which also happen to be some of the worst foods for your health. GMOs are cheap in the short run… until you get your hospital bill.

Oil priceswill also trend sharply upwards over the next two years. We will almost certainly seeoilat $150 per barrel and possibly even at $200 for a brief time. This will of course impact food prices, the transportation industry and virtually the entire economy.

• By late 2012, the economic downfall of theUnited Stateswill have accelerated, and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar will by that time have become apparent to virtually everyone. The ability of the U.S. Treasury to auction its debt will drop sharply as ratings institutions either downgrade U.S. debt or publicly threaten to.

Long-term predictions

• Over the next decade, I predict a disappearing “health middle class” and a great divide between thehealthyand the sick. The healthy, you see, are consuming superfoods, getting sunshine on their skin and taking nutritional supplements on a daily basis. The unhealthy are eatingprocessed foods, taking prescription medications and following the advice of their ignorantdoctorseven if it kills them.There will be fewer people of “average” health in Americain the coming years. The masses will gravitate toward disease and sickness while the informed few (such as NaturalNews readers, raw food vegans,superfoodfans and so on) will get healthier and more productive.

• By 2025, the FDA as we know it today will be ancienthistory, and a new era offood freedomandhealth freedomwill have swept across the former United States of America. Marijuana will become a key crop for raising revenue for the states (or the equivalent governing entity), the pharmaceutical industry will have severely downsized, and the scientific censorship of the FDA will have been abandoned to a chapter of the dark history of America. Millions of doctors, oncologists and useless government bureaucrats will find themselves out of work or, in the most extreme cases, subjected to court trials for their crimes against humanity.

• By 2030, it will become obvious that all those people treated with vaccines, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals and conventional medical procedures are largely infertile and dying from degenerative disease. Also by this time, those individuals who ate diets largely made of GMOs, processed foods and artificial chemical additives will discover they, too, are infertile and diseased. The dying, diseased people of the western world will look back upon the “age of medical science” with hatred and disbelief, and the vaccines, chemotherapy, mercury fillings, water fluoridation and other poisons that are common in our world today will, by 2030, be written up in the history books as examples of humanity’s incredible capacity for self-deception and faulty thinking, even in the realm of so-called “science.”

Health Ranger predictions are already coming true

Many of the predictions I made a year ago have already come true, by the way. These include:

• China unleashes armies of corporate espionage hackers onto western nations (now verified as true through Wikileaks cables)

• A worldwide shortage of rare earth metals (already under way)

• Food supply disruptions (disruptions have been widely reported throughout 2010)

• Honeybee population collapse spreads to other species (bats are now threatened, too)

• Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized (also widely reported in 2010)

• Medical imaging scandal unfolds as older patients begin to show serious health damage from radiation via mammograms, CT scans and more (widely reported in medical journals in 2010)

• War on health freedom ramps up, targetingraw milk, homeopathy, herbs and supplements (major raids have been conducted this year on food co-ops and raw milk producers)

• New attempts are made to destroy internet freedom (the UN is now planning to roll out internet police, and the U.S. customs department has been seizing websites for the last several months)

These are just some of the many predictions I made one year ago. Many more will yet come true in the years ahead. Overall, by the way, I remainoptimisticabout our future, if only because it is evident that by living through suffering, oppression and slavery, enough members of the human race will finally see the importance of health freedom and take the necessary action to regain it and defend it for generations to come.

In the grand experiment of nations and civilizations now playing out across our tiny planet, those nations which forget the importance of health and freedom are doomed to eventually destroy themselves. Only those nations which recognize freedom and invest in the health of their citizens have any sustainable future. And one day, such a nation of truly free people will undoubtedly rise from the ashes of whatever is left after the current global miscalculations run their course.

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