Food safety hypocrisy is in your face

Sunday, January 16, 2011 by: Paul Fassa


The proposed Food Safety Bill threatens our access to wholesome organic foods. It also threatens livelihoods of dedicated small farm and dairy people who care about food quality. And most of you know it grants the FDA and USDA more power, which most of you also know hasn`t proved beneficial to us average folks in the past.

So where is FDA and USDA, and even EPA, protection when it comes to Gulf seafood toxicity and probably the most toxic crop pesticide ever used? Maybe they`re just too busy busting healthyraw milkproducers to care.

Gulf Poisoned Seafood

Somehow, everyone is supposed to believe that the absence of surfaceoilslicks in the Gulf means all is fine with marinelifethere. Never mind that the dispersant being used is moretoxicthan the oil, which some believe is still gushing. Forget that this dispersant simply makes the oil sink beneath the water`s surface.

Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator for the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC), a non-governmental organization (NGO), has presented analysis which shows the oil is still seeping from the Gulf floor. Pictorial information gathered by the GOSRC clearly demonstrates fault lines seeping oil,methane, dispersant chemicals, and crystalline hydrates forming from methane.

Eyewitness reports of toxic disbursement spraying from the air at night persist. Dr. Termotto points to the whole incident as a huge corporate cover-up withgovernmentsupport. After all, we`re being told to go swimming, visit Gulf vacation sights and breathe in sea air, and eat Gulfseafood, right? Obama`s point man for the Gulfoil spillrecovery, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, is pushing for the military, as well as prisons andschools, to consume as much Gulf seafood as possible.

All this despite an investigation initiated by TV station WFTV in Florida raising red flags. Scientists found elevated levels of anthracene, a toxic by-product of petroleum. Anthracene levels were double what eventhe FDAfinds to be acceptable. After the TV report, Gulf shrimpers began revealing how they were finding tarry substances in their nets. So where is FDA and USDAprotectionwith all this?

Strawberry Fields of Poison

Recently approved despite major health concerns inCalifornia, ethyl iodide was considered safe byEPAas a replacement for methyl bromide in 2007. Although Californiastrawberrieswill mostly bear the brunt of this carcinogenicpoison, it is registered in 47 other states and used for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and othercrops.

What`s morbidly fascinating is how the government officials and those favoring ethyl iodide use point to thesafetymeasures being used. Those EPA guidelines include buffer zones, covering the crops with tarp to prevent toxic gases from escaping and ensuring that it`s not used within a quarter mile of institutions such as schools, day care centers, and hospitals while monitoring its application closely. Those who spray have to be certified and wear respirators, and there is a five day non-entry period after spraying.

Does that strike you as something you should be eating with your strawberries? Evidently the FDA andUSDAthink so.

The Arrogance of Ignorance and Hubris

It appears that long termhealthconsequences are totally ignored by our government agencies. If you don`t get seriously ill or drop deadimmediatelyfrom exposure or ingestion, thefoodis safe. But when it comes to smallorganicdairies producinghealthyraw milk, it`s time to call in the swat teams even without negative health consequences to consumers.

This should not be tolerated at all. But mostly, it is.

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