Death of Pentagon Insider Still Shrouded in Mystery

By Pat Shannan

There are as-yet unconfirmed allegations that the death of former White House staffer John P. Wheeler III could be connected to the recent, mysterious death of blackbirds in Arkansas, Louisiana and elsewhere, which fell from the sky in a short time period by the thousands. Conjecture on this connection is posted at two popular websites, and

Meanwhile, the online news and opinion site entertains that and other possibilities, stating: “Potential motives include the following: U.S. enemies sought to silence his cyber attack alarms being sounded; U.S. officials were at odds with Wheeler over potential leaks of information—such as chemical warfare and the dead birds in Arkansas and beyond; and John Wheeler was murdered by the mob or those he was at odds with legally or professionally . . .”

Wheeler’s body was spotted by a workman as it was being spilled from a dumpster into a Delaware landfill. Had that not happened, the story of his disappearance may have ended with that last surveillance video of him wandering “disoriented” in the parking area of the county courthouse in Wilmington.

Wheeler, 66, was a respected and influential Pentagon insider and defense contractor. He was also recognized as the one most responsible for the planning and construction of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington during the Reagan administration. At first glance, the circumstances surrounding his death reek of a “mob hit,” but Wheeler had nothing in his background to suggest that possibility. On the other hand, the CIA has been known to use mob types to do its dirty work.

Wheeler had allegedly threatened to go public to reveal that an Air Force tanker aircraft from Little Rock, bound for Afghanistan, had a “critical malfunction” of its aerial spraying computer and dumped some of its poison over central Arkansas, causing the deaths of thousands of red-winged blackbirds.

Stocks of these poisonous gases, such as the deadly phosgene, were reportedly acquired from Iraq and stored at Arkansas’s Pine Bluff Arsenal, which houses some of the world’s most specialized munitions.

Reportedly, one cause of the birds’ deaths was trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding, which is supposedly consistent with phosgene exposure.

During his military career, while serving in the office of the secretary of defense, Wheeler had written a manual on the perils of biological and chemical weapons and continually recommended that the United States not use them.

However, it’s difficult to account for the additional mysteries of thousands of dead birds found in Texas, Louisiana and Kentucky and as far away as Sweden and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, retired policeman and current Philadelphia private investigator Bill Fleisher says that Wheeler was not necessarily murdered at all. Reflecting on Wheeler’s apparent mental confusion, Fleisher suggests that he may have suffered a stroke or fallen and sustained a head injury.

Fleisher told Philadelphia Daily News reporter Will Bunch, “He may have crawled into the dumpster looking for his briefcase.”

Wheeler told a parking attendant earlier that someone had stolen his briefcase. For the past three years, Wheeler had been in civil litigation attempting to stop the construction of a house across the street from his home in a National Historic Landmark area that would have spoiled his view of the countryside. However, the defendants in that case do not appear to be murder suspects.

At press time, officials still have not released any autopsy information from the medical examiner.


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