Should We Trust WikiLeaks 100%?

By Savanna Hintze

There was a time when every American knew about the John Peter Zenger case, because it was “the gem of American freedom.” Before Zenger’s infamous trial, it was against the law to criticize the government. But after Zenger won his case, you could say anything you want, provided it’s true.

In the early 18th century, New York’s governor had Zenger arrested for articles Zenger had published about him. Zenger’s lawyer, however, successfully convinced the jury to nullify the law that would have convicted Zenger of “seditious libel,” securing freedom of the press as well as the fact that a statement cannot be libelous if it’s true.

Today, we have Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Is Assange another Zenger, who has been targeted for voicing the truth? Or could he be something else? The Internet is full of disinformation about both Assange and WikiLeaks. There are websites that claim WikiLeaks is affiliated with billionaire insider George Soros and China.

Assange supposedly repudiates anything that refutes the government’s theory on 9-11. On the other hand he released documents exposing international bankers.

The first and second sets of leaks looked good, but the last batch has some strange earmarks. It does nothing to expose the warmongers—with the exception of Hillary Clinton allegedly encouraging spying on the United Nations. Instead, the leaks target Arab leaders, while revealing nothing about Israel.

It is impossible to know for sure whether WikiLeaks is “100 percent,” so for now we should be ever alert that our enemies create Judas goats, like the “leader of the resistance” in Orwell’s chilling novel 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein.


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