Obama's speech 'not the whole truth'

US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech does not reflect “the whole truth” about the US domestic and foreign policies, a political analyst says.

“A lot of what he was saying was quite true, but let’s say he told the truth but not the whole truth,” Ian Williams from Foreign Policy in Focus said in an interview with Press TV.

Regarding Obama’s indirect reference to the US economic decline, Williams said, “That was a very carefully crafted speech because he was, on the one hand, playing to the old American gallery of exceptionalism: we are wonderful people, we can do it… and on the other hand, he was warning that decline is heading up so they have to turn around and do something about it…”

In his State of the Union address before Congress on Tuesday, Obama said America is at the risk of losing out to rapidly developing economies, such as China and India, in the global market.

He then called for a return to the American traditions of innovation and risk-taking to keep up with the rising powers from the East.

Williams pointed out the US president’s decision to leaving out some issues.

“He was very careful on the issues that he missed out on. He didn’t mention foreclosures; he certainly didn’t mention the Israel/Palestine issue. I think a lot of what he was saying was really a careful case of entrapment for Republicans,” he said.

During his nationally televised speech, Obama urged rival politicians in the Republican and the Democratic camps to ditch partisanship for a unified push for a better future.

“He never said that he was against the war in Afghanistan; he said he would withdraw troops from Iraq and that he would make sure that the Taliban are beaten in Afghanistan.”

On Tunisia, Williams noted Obama’s failure to mention his country’s support of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the anti-government protests taking place in Egypt, for that matter.

“So it is usual for them, mentioning items they look upon favorably and ignoring those that they don’t,” Williams said.





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