The Hopi Prophecy – No more distractions …

Best piece of advice I’ve heard: remember who you really are and what you’re place is in this beautiful earth.  And what are we?  We are LOVE, pure and simple.


This is a key word – distractions. They are placed before us all the time to dilute and divert our focus and to get us caught in the twigs so we lose sight of the forest.

Sometimes people are specifically sent into our lives to distract us as I know from experience, and the idea is to entrap us in emotional trauma and diversion, not least in the court system, to stop us doing what we are here to do. That has happened to me now three times in ten years, twice in the last five, with two of them still ongoing, and this is no coincidence.

But it and they can be overcome if we refuse to let our focus be diverted and we do what we need to do no matter what the diverters and distracters may throw or mendaciously allege. We are here for the greater good even if they are not – and we must never waver from this, no matter what distractions are sent our way. The goal is far too important for that.



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  1. i think i was reading about this on NYT yesterday

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