Absolutely appalling, disgraceful rant by Bill Gates against caring, decent, intelligent people who have the audacity to question the effects of vaccines

From David Icke‘s site,
I share the same opinion that Bill Gates is  full of BS. It is NOT true that Dr. Wakefield’s research on autism and vaccines is fake. They are so desperately trying to discredit and tear his name down. You dare not go against the giants such as the vaccine industry or else….
Do the research yourselves. Even if you conclude that vaccines have nothing to do with autism, you cannot deny that many can cause other grave ailments, including death.  Just the HPV vaccine has caused numerous deaths to young girls. Was the risk of getting cervical cancer worth the risks of the vaccine side effects? I think not.


Monday, 07 February 2011 10:59

‘I flog computers and have lots of money, therefore I know everything … I Am God …’

Billionaire vaccine funder and promotor Gates calls the immensely courageous Dr Andrew Wakefield a liar who has killed thousands of children, and he says the same about anyone who has questioned the damaging effects of vaccines.

This is beyond words outrageous and such a statement about the quality, or lack of it, of this man.



Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation






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