72 students not allowed into school

Here’s another example of how unfree we really are.  Forced vaccinations.   “Well , it’s for the good of the other kids”. Really? Because if the other kids are vaccinated, then they won’t catch anything from the non-vaccinated, no?  It’s our bodies, and our kids, we have the right to choose what we put into them without having other rights removed from us…  

Students need to update their shot records

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WFLI) – Many Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) high school students were not allowed through their schools’ doors Monday morning.
31 high schoolers from Harrison and 41 from McCutcheon aren’t allowed to go inside their high schools until they get all of their immunization shots. These students aren’t up to date with their vaccines.
TSC Assistant Superintendent David Notary said it’s state code that after several warnings, students can’t attend school until they are up to date with their immunization shots.
He said the TSC is actually fortunate it only has 72 students missing classes because of this.
Notary said 1,288 students didn’t have up to date shot records in December. Numerous letters were sent to students and their parents to inform them about updating immunization records.
“We’ve given three letters to parents and have had multiple conversations with those kids at school to tell them what the consequences were going to be. Unfortunately, we had to enforce the exclusion date today,” Notary said.
The Tippecanoe County Health Department has a free shot clinic Wednesday where the students can get their vaccines.
“I’m hoping the kids will go in and get their shots either this Wednesday or if they return to school with a doctor’s appointment we will let them back then as well,” Notary said.
Once those students get their shots, they are able to return to school that same day.

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