Government Promises to Cut Social Security in Urgent Compromise

Activist Post

It’s official, national austerity measures are here!  As Wisconsin protesters fill the streets because of lost rights and benefits to workers, the nation is gearing up to face similar losses with social security being cut.  Comedian George Carlin warned us that this day would come:

Now they’re coming for your social security money . . . they want it back so they can give it to
their criminal friends on Wall Street.” — George Carlin.

The debate has moved from whether or not to cut social security, to how many cuts, how much, and when they’ll start.  Threatened with the prospect of a government shutdownDemocrats are pushing for compromise by agreeing to cut social security to avert a manufactured “shutdown” disaster.

For years the government has had no problem raiding the surplus in the social security fund to pay for wars, bank bailouts, General Motors, and a slew of other unfunded giveaways.  Yet, now, as they claim bankruptcy, they seek to take even more from the program.

The federal government DOES NOT fund Social Security!  Social Security funds the federal government.

Since the Johnson Administration of the ’60s, the S.S. fund has been plundered and the surplus from the fund used to finance wars and the daily operations of the federal government. This came as a result of Johnson declaring that these surplus funds would be added to the general fund.  Once there, the funds could be used for anything and everything.

Now, seniors and future generations that had nothing to do with creating the national debt and massive shortfalls in social security are going to pay the price.  Seniors have already had cost of living increases to their SS checks frozen for the last two years.  This has been especially painful given the double-digit inflation to necessary goods like food and energy, and services like healthcare.

It seems the government is going to take and take until the people push back and say that enough is enough.  Again, the people are not at fault and yet they are being treated like tax slaves to bailout the slave masters.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in cutting entitlement programs or not.  The overall equation for the average citizen has tipped so far in the favor of the elites who orchestrated this mess, that it’s time to draw the line in the sand.

The perceived debt problems will not be solved by cutting social security while the wars continue and the banks get a blank check from the taxpayer.  If we aren’t ready to fight for their deserved benefits now, then we may deserve the absolute looting that is occurring.

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