Exposing the Illuminati from Within

These videos are VERY disturbing, and  sound crazy and unreal. I cannot say that I believe this person, but you get a great lesson of how the illuminati  have evolved and what they’re all about.  I debated about putting this in my blog site, but I decided to because I believe everyone can use their own minds and decipher for themselves what they want to believe.  The first 5 or 6 videos are about how the speaker got into the illuminati, the rest give a history of the illuminati, their believes, rituals, etc…  He covers satanism, pedophilia, MK-Ultra, Monarch, UFO’s , etc… Many of the things the speaker says, reminds me of what David Icke also talks about.

I’ve only posted the first fifteen videos, but there are over 20.  Watch the rest in youtube…


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